February 9, 2021

30 things I’ve Learned

In light of my 30th birthday, I want to share some insightful tips that I have learned throughout my 30 years. I’ve faced many bumps on the road but, they have all taught me life long lessons that I will forever cherish. Hopefully you can hold on to some or all of them, too, while you walk through yours.

  1. Do not underestimate yourself. You are here on purpose and you have many things to offer.
  2. Always be true to who you are.
  3. Do not change for other people because you think they’d like/love you more. Change because that is what God is calling you to do.
  4. Do not be afraid of new things; welcome them. It’s an invitation to growth.
  5. Always stay true to your convictions. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
  6. Believe in yourself.
  7. You have unique talents and gifts that God has personalized for you. Use them for His glory.
  8. Don’t follow the crowd. It’s easier to blend in. It takes courage to stand out.
  9. What you think is best for you, isn’t always what’s best for you. Seek wise counsel and do not let your pride reject it.
  10. Be present. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the unknown of the future and neglect where you are now.
  11. What you have to offer, is great. Don’t let comparison rob you of joy.
  12. Invest in yourself: find hobbies, go on dates with yourself. Get to know who you are as an individual.
  13. Don’t rush into things you aren’t ready for. (Relationships, careers, credit cards lol)
  14. Look to see the positive in hard circumstances. I promise you will find one or many things.
  15. Believe in others.
  16. Surround yourself in community. Don’t live isolated.
  17. Don’t run when you are uncomfortable. Sometimes, God uses that to propel us into the plans He has for us.
  18. Don’t focus on outside appearances or material things. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.
  19. Be wise when choosing friends.
  20. Cherish your time with God.
  21. Read.
  22. Cultivate gratitude.
  23. Serve others.
  24. Be intentional.
  25. Perfect a skill or craft.
  26. Love yourself.
  27. Be gentle and kind to others. You never know what someone may be walking through.
  28. Do your own research on topics you are not familiar with.
  29. Stay hopeful whenever life or people try to knock you down.
  30. Be a light. Do whatever you must to keep it from dimming.

And I’m sure there are many more lessons to learn from! Thanks for reading. Never cease to stop growing. Gradual growth is still growth. If you are not content with where you are now, start with small steps. Small consistent steps will eventually lead to permanent changes.

With love,


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